Country brand for investment and tourism is launched “Panama: The Great Connection”

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) launched the country brand as a destination for investors and tourists under the campaign “Panama: The Great Connection”, choosing Tocumen International Airport to establish the interactive information center that shows Panama’s competitive advantages and makes us unique in the region.

The campaign is the result of arduous work of MICI’s Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion (Proinvex), with contributions from the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Samsung, leading technology company, and Tocumen, in order to consolidate the unique advantages that lie in our geographic position and connectivity, that places us as the commercial hub par excellence of Latin America in services, financial center, logistics capacity and world-class distribution center.

Likewise, regarding tourism, the new campaign places Panama as a destination in the international framework unique for travelers who are seeking a new type of experience. In the case of Panama, the country differentiates itself promoting the different aspects of our culture, our landscapes, and adventure offered by the interior of the isthmus, making it a different and unforgettable place.

During the launching, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Augusto Arosemena, highlighted that the hall offers a multimedia technology space to promote Panama, emphasizing the advantages with respect to trade and tourism, taking advantage of the traffic of more than 15 million tourists, executives and potential investors that transit through Tocumen International Airport, our most important entry gate with the most connections in the region.

 “Promoting tourism and promoting investment in Panama are equally important, since both economic activities contribute considerably to the economic growth and job generation”, said Arosemena. In this sense, the campaign indicates the new stage of the Panama image as the best option for foreign investment and tourist destination in Latin America, thanks to the joint work of the public sector, that seeks to add the private sector, in promoting our country. 

Arosemena added that the center will facilitate contact with Proinvex Panama personnel, in order to provide specialized consulting to those interested in the special regimes and comparative advantages that Panama offers, as well as the ATP.

The center is located in the north terminal, C2-145, of the Tocumen International Airport, and is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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“In Panama, we have almost 80 years of operation, from the factory of Natá, later on the factory Los Santos, and finally the international management of our businesses for Central America based in Panama. An economy that grows strongly, economic stability, a policy in the country that benefits the business, impeccable logistics through the Panama Canal and an international logistics center of international trade are the main reasons why we are here”

Leo Leiman, President and CEO
Nestlé Central America

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