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Export from Panama

Services to the Exporter in Panama

This unit promotes the Panamanian exportations and the transfer of technology by means of the promotion of training programs targeted to the micro, small and medium size companies, in matters related to the exporting activities and to the improvement of the national production, with the object of achieving international quality levels; promotes commercial missions to foreign countries and the participation of delegations of private Panamanian businesspersons to commercial fairs abroad; designs and sets out the execution of regulating mechanisms of the exportations, as well as it expedites the processes required for the development of the exportation activity; counsels on the required steps for exportation and on the existing support and promotion instruments, and technically assists the companies dedicated to the export activities.


  • Elaboration and updating of the export programs.
  • Establishment of strategies for the exportations according to markets.
  • Participation actively in inter-institutional commissions.
  • Maintaining a fluid communication with diplomatic aggregates and commercial institutions that promote the exportations.
  • Training the exportation sector.


  1. Identify the exportable offer of goods and services.
  2. Promote the Panamanian exports and the technology transfer aimed at the exporting sector.
  3. Open commercial offices abroad and promote the export of national products.
  4. Promote the commercial missions aimed at the consolidation and opening of new markets for national products.
  5. Promote and coordinate the participation of businesspersons and producers in international events in Panama as well as abroad, which present options for expanding the export possibilities.
  6. Coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Relations and other public entities so its functionaries participate and collaborate in the consecution of plans and policies in the matter of foreign commerce and especially in the consecution of the objectives for the promotion of the exportations.
  7. Investigate the international environment and coordinate with the National Directorate International Commercial Negotiations for recommending to the Superior Office in regards to decision making on the matter of the exportations.
  8. Counsel on subjects pertaining to the support instruments for the existing exports.
  9. Promote the improvement of the national production with the object of achieving levels of international quality.
  10. Counsel, technically assist and prepare special programs for the companies dedicated of export activities, collaborating with these in the delivery of information of exportable offers, business opportunities, international bids, market research and training on international commercialization.
  11. Counsel on the required steps, that the One-Stop-Shop of Foreign Commerce canalizes, for exporting.
  12. Design, develop and encourage training and promotion programs directed to the micro, small and medium size companies in the subjects related to the exporting activities.
  13. Promote the financing of technological development programs that encourage the efficiency and competitiveness of the national production.
  14. Prepare the profiles of countries with potential export markets of national products.
  15. Supervise and coordinate the assembly and disassembly of the stand in the fairs, as well as the introduction of samples, customs paperwork, transportation or cargo logistics, and any other activity related to the development of the Fair event.