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The City of Knowledge

Ciudad del Saber - City of knowledge

The City of Knowledge [Ciudad del Saber] is a scientific, technological and entrepreneurial park located by the Panama Canal. It is located in the former Fort Clayton. It has become an excellent model of how to transform a military installation into a center dedicated to science, technology and education. The City of Knowledge operates within the Panamanian State by means of the Decree Law 6 of February 10, 1998.

Allowed Activities

  • Scientific
  • Technological
  • Human Development
  • Cultural

Fiscal Incentives

  • Exoneration from Income Tax
  • Exoneration from Import Tax
  • Exoneration from ITBMS [real estate transfer and service taxes]
  • Exoneration from Real Estate Tax
  • Exoneration from wire transfers foreign countries

Labor Incentives

International personnel can be hired as seen fit by each company to fulfill their needs.

Migratory Incentives

Special Visas are granted to foreign employees of affiliated companies, their spouses and dependent children.


All benefits have a duration of 25 renewable years which is more than any other incentive law.