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Incentives Law for the establishment of call centers in Panama

Call Centers and the benefits of Law 25 of 1992 of the Export Processing Zones

  • Law 54 of October 25, 2001, in its article 2 indicates that the natural or corporate persons that own a Concession issued by the Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Públicos (ASEP, for initials in Spanish) for the provision of the Call Centers Services for commercial export for purposes (Call Centers), may recourse to the benefits granted by Law 25 of November 30, 1992, of the Processing Zones.
  • These benefits shall only be applicable for installation and operation of the call centers for commercial use.

Call Centers and the Ministry of Commerce and Industries

  • Through the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the Call Centers can be registered in the Official Registry of the Processing Zone as a Call Center Services Company for Commercial Use, in an international manner, and thus benefit from the incentives of Law 25 of November 30, 1992.
  • For this, the Call Centers shall comply with all the documentation and requisites demanded in article 1 of the Executive Decree 97 of September 25, 2002 and present its request to the “Dirección Nacional de Promoción de las Exportaciones”.

Fiscal Incentives

  • Exoneration of taxes and import rights on raw material, semi-elaborated products, purchase and sale of equipment and construction material, machinery, spare parts, tools, accessories, reinvestments, packing material and all the goods or services required for its operations.
  • Exoneration of capital assets or property taxes.
  • Exoneration of the Income Tax on the storage and warehouse services that provide their effects abroad, since the latter are considered as exterior operations and of export, for the purposes of the Income Tax.

Migratory Incentives

  • Permanent Resident Permit in the capacity as investor.
  • Temporary resident Permit in the capacity as trustworthy personnel, executive, expert and or technician for the term of the contract.
  • Short-stay Visa in the capacity as Business person and Investor.
  • The permits shall be renewable, under equal conditions, to the spouse and dependant minor and adult children, of the principal requestor.

Labor Incentives

Special labor provisions that make the labor incentives more flexible than those of the companies that operate in the rest of the Panamanian territory.